Historic Homes

The Historic Preservation Commission of the Maryland-National Capital Park Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) has produced inventories for many  historic homes in Berwyn Heights, which are listed below. They have detailed information about architectural features, chains of title, and historical significance. A selection can be viewed in an Illustrated Inventory of Historic Sites and Districts in Prince George’s County.

PG: 67-5    Sportland, 5933 Natasha Drive
PG: 67-7    Berwyn Heights Schoolhouse, 5814 Ruatan Street,
PG: 67-9    Traver Williams House, 8409 Cunningham Drive (see also later survey PG 67-22-09)
PG: 67-10  Wetherald House, 8411 58th Avenue
PG: 67-11   O’Dea House (NR), 5804 Ruatan Street
PG: 67-12  Chlopicki House, 5717 Ruatan Street
PG: 67-13  Cross Russell House, 5805 Ruatan Street
PG: 67-14  Gohr House, 5712 Ruatan Street
PG: 67-11   (Stine)-Wolfe House, 5617 Ruatan Street
PG: 67-16  Pickett House, 8616 57th Avenue
PG: 67-17  Kleiner-Dillon House, 5603 Ruatan Street
PG: 67-18  (Moyer)-Cissel House, 8911 57th Avenue
PG: 67-19  Schniedman-Seal House, 5713 Seminole Street
PG: 67-20 Bonnet-Duck House, 5617 Seminole Street
PG: 67-21  Taylor-Lofgren House, 8516 58th Avenue

The following inventories were produced by EHT Traceries for the Historic Preservation Commission as part of the 2008-2010 Historic Sites and and Districts Plan Amendment.

PG: 67-022-01  Kleindienst-Haker House, 5607 Berwyn Road
PG: 67-022-02  Bell-Dowd House, 8413 Cunningham Drive
PG: 67-022-03  Willard-Ryan House #1, 5812 Quebec Street (no survey available)
PG: 67-022-04  Willard-Ryan House #2, 5814 Quebec Street (no survey available)
PG: 67-022-05  Judge-White-Dubayah House, 5622 Ruatan Street
PG: 67-022-06  Sauer House, 5625 Ruatan Street
PG: 67-022-08  Yoos House, 5703 Seminole Street
PG: 67-022-09  Traver-Williams House, 8409 Cunningham Drive
PG: 67-022-22  Hall House, 5707 Seminole Street
PG: 67-022-23  Graves-Keleher House, 8707 62nd Avenue
PG: 67-022-24  Davidson-White House, 8529 58th Avenue

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