Historic Markers

Since 2004, the Berwyn Heights Historical Committee (BHHC) has produced a series of historic markers on the people and places important in the Town’s past. Many feature the persons after whom the streets were originally named. They include early landowners, as well as a number of the Washington D.C. investors who established the suburb of Charlton Heights, Berwyn Height’s precursor.

To date, the following markers have been created:
Berwyn Heights Association
Berwyn Heights Company
Carrington Avenue
Charlton Avenue
Duncanson Avenue
Edmonston Road
Keleher Avenue
Joyner Avenue
La Belle Avenue
Sportland Boxing Ring
Washington, Spa Spring & Gretta Railroad
Waugh Avenue II

Their locations are recorded on the BHHC’s Self-Guided Walking Tour brochure.

Each marker represents the information the BHHC had about its subject at the time of approval of the marker text. The BHHC encourages visitors to share information that improves or corrects our records.

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