Edmonston Road Marker

Archibald Edmonston (c. 1663-1734), born in Scotland, immigrated to Maryland in 1683, and afterward married Jane Beall. He would later become Colonel of the Prince George’s County militia.

In Maryland, the Edmonstons accumulated great wealth. James (1689-1753), the Edmonston’s eldest son, paid five shillings for 60 acres of land in 1742, which eventually became the town of Edmonston. Other large tracts of land owned by the family would later become part of what is now known as Berwyn Heights.

Devout Presbyterians, the Edmonston family attended two churches, one in Beltsville, the other in Seat Pleasant. The road they traveled was later named Edmonston Road in their honor.

Edmonston Road is one of the oldest streets in Prince George’s County. Today, it runs from north to south through many communities, including Berwyn Heights.

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