Berwyn Heights Association

This house was built in 1909 by Elwood J. Taylor (1882-1954), an electrician for the C&P Telephone Company and one-time President of the Berwyn Heights Association (BHA).
The BHA was founded on January 28, 1915 by the residents of Berwyn Heights to maintain walks and streets, and make any other improvements deemed useful. The first meeting was held at the home of Fred H. Benson (1867-1923), who served as its president until 1921. Benson, Taylor and many other BHA members belonged to a generation of D.C. professionals who settled in Berwyn Heights in the 1910s after a streetcar began to service the Town.

The BHA was the forerunner of today’s Town government, providing essential public services with funds raised from a variety of public entertainments. The main event was a two-week summer carnival that drew hundreds of visitors from neighboring communities. By 1923, the BHA concluded that taxing powers were needed to sustain the community, and petitioned the Maryland legislature to recharter the Town. The new charter was enacted on April 9, 1924 and the first board of commissioners was elected that May.

For more information please see the Berwyn Heights Association brochure.

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