Carrington Avenue Marker

General Edward C. Carrington (1825-1892) purchased the Yarrow land tract consisting of 150 acres and the home called Sportland for $59,000 on 9 September 1869.

In 1846, he organized Captain Carrington’s Company, 1st Regiment Virginia Volunteers (known as the Richmond Rangers), which was the first company to offer its services to the federal government during the Mexican War. During the Civil War, he formed Company A, 2nd Battalion, District of Columbia Military Infantry. General Carrington was later appointed by President Lincoln as U.S. Attorney of the District of Columbia.

When surveyors platted the streets for the projected residential community of Charlton Heights (now Berwyn Heights) in 1888, in honor of the General, the northern boundary of Carrington’s property became Carrington Avenue.

The Maryland National Capital Park & Planning Commission renamed the street Osage Street by 1941.

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