Berwyn Heights in the early 1960s

The Historical Committee recently received a set of photos of Berwyn Heights dating back to the early 1960s. The photos were taken by Meyer Keilsohn, a former resident of Pontiac Street. Neighbor Kathy Richardson rescued them from the roadside after a cleanout of the house. Some of Keilsohn’s photos have captions reading “Berwyn Heights” and the year the photo was taken, with years ranging between 1959 and 1965.

During this period major changes occurred in and around Berwyn Heights. In town, new subdivisions were platted and many new homes built.  Nearby, Beltway Plaza opened in October 1963 and construction of the adjoining Springhill Lake Apartments was about to start. The Baltimore Washington Parkway, planned as an alternative to US Route 1 in the 1920s, had been completed in 1954. Route 201/ Kenilworth Avenue between Riverdale and Greenbelt had opened in 1958; and the first sections of the Capital Beltway were finished in 1961. Keilsohn’s photos capture that moment in time when the remaining empty land in and around Berwyn Heights was being filled in.

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  1. The reference to S Kiens dominating the mall is in correct. There was no mall at that time..only a short stop shopping center on the west side of that property, and the S Kleins department store on the east side .. it remained that like that for many years.

  2. “1965: Coaching Baseball at the BHES Ball Field”. Yes, home plate for baseball was at the corner of Quebec Street and 63rd Ave. The softball home plate was at 63rd and Pontiac St. That is a 1960 Buick station wagon in our (Houser) driveway. I put it in gear (no key reqd) and coasted it into a tree at about age 3.5 y.o. The Buick is parked in front of an addition (one of two) that was a carport. Mom and dad moved into the house in 1954. Paid about $13,500 for the rambler-style house. Karl Houser, 2020

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